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Happy New Year Review

by Rajat Srivastav

written on October 23, 2014 - 3pm EST.


Happy and Feel-good


Best form of flattery is spoof… Happy New Year is a tribute to the era of SRK, filled with moments of SRK, his own histrionics , his legendary 70 minute speech , his famous dialogues are repeated at every possible juncture, where stars ape his  trademark dance move where he stretches his arms up to the waist ,

Well, like Jackie Shroff cries out in the end..ITS A SETUP..Actually an SRK set-up!


Gigantic canvas, colossal budget, larger than life characters and epic expectations don’t make it better for this ageing warlord of Indian cinema.


With all of that and much more, comparisons with Salman for a previous top-grossing movie of the year and Aamir for the forthcoming blockbuster of another peer are but of course… inevitable.


So does this SRK-trip really live up to its name and claim? Let’s find out,

Yes its entertaining and engaging however marred by its big length. It almost runs 3 hrs. and 20 minutes despite all the possible cuts. The cinematography is delightful when you see the magnanimous Atlantis and the palm of Dubai luminous with the best display of fireworks ever depicted on the Indian celluloid.  The lights, the colors, the dollops of emotions, the melodrama, the comedy, revenge, action and a hint of patriotism are all there in this trademark Farah Khan set-up. All the possible ingredients have been put together to make it an interesting watch, however you will have to set in yourself in this make-believe world of Farah and SRK for a joyful ride of true Indian cinema and not expect  technical finesse  or the razor sharp turns of an Ocean series . So if you agree to all the above, chances are you will come out saying ..hmmm, not bad !


Coming to the story and screenplay, it’s an event cum heist movie and as expected pays tribute to Antwerp and Shalimar. It brings together six characters for revenge cum diamond theft cum World Dance championship with skills in planning, safe-cracking, bombs, dancing, hacking and a small surprise too. So every character is weak be it jerkiness, English-skills, fits, pukes or deafness. However the characters are given enough screen space to redeem themselves. And since they are self-proclaimed losers, the movie smartly turns back to audience for rooting them to victory. The song and dance sequences which were supposed to be the high point of the movie are average and do improvise in the climax. Also the reference to mothers time and again comes out as a lame excuse to woo the maa…sses.


All's well that ends well and you are still delivered a joyful and a thrilling ride as it progresses towards the finale. Crisp editing , brilliant cinematography, breath-taking locales, endearing moments of both laugh, tears and jingo, cinematic brilliance in a few scenes, Abhishek Bachchan in a double act, Deepika's grooves  and English medium fixation, Boman's cheekiness and ultimately brand SRK save the light  for Happy New Year.


Thankfully, even in this SRK world, due screen is given to each and every character and each one is allowed to make full use of this extravagant canvass to showcase himself to the hilt. Sonu and Vivaan hold their own too. And Jackie Shroff after a long hiatus gets a meatier role and looks good as well.


In introspection, thrills and twists could have been more, undue screen-time is spent on dance rehearsals rather than an acute focus on the heist (one always knew that dancing was just an alibi and  was always going to be bad to start with) too many song sequences could have been trimmed and the romance could have been glorious too.


However, if you love SRK, this one still has repeat value. Even if you don’t, it still has something to hold your attention. Just go with the ride and you will come out saying..Not bad !


***1/2 stars- Wishing all our viewers a happy Diwali and the makers a happy and lavish weekend.


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BollywoodHungama 4.5/5

All in all, HAPPY NEW YEAR is definitely a smash hit film, which has blockbuster written all over it. The film will set new records in the days to come. Go for it!

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ApunKaChoice.com 3.5/5

Happy New Year is a happy film. Its humour is slapstick, irreverent, sacrilegious and makes no bones about pulling anybody and everybody’s leg as long as it gets you laughing. And it does make you laugh. The only time it grates on your nerves is when it slips into weepy melodrama.

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SantaBanta.com 3/5

Certain sequences are over stretched, because of which the film is unduly lengthy. The in-film brand placements are obvious and jarring. 

In short, you may not like it but you definitely cannot ignore it.

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NDTV 2/5

There is no dearth of gloss in Happy New Year, but everything else in the film, including the content and its treatment, are allowed to go for a toss.

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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

The first half spends too much time setting a plot that's fairly uncomplicated. It's not a film about an ingenious heist (far from 'Oceans Eleven') or dance, it's a film about everything genuinely Bollywood - where logic gets a 'fit', gloss covers up the glitches, cameos creep in without a warning; and the rest of the plot finds comfort in the hero's hot-bod (anything from 6 to 8 packs - take your pick!) and outstretched arms. The cast pull off their acts well and leave you with some feel-good moments, but not enough to last three long hours.

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Glamsham.com 1.5/5

Finally, you have this gem of a dialogue which sums up the state of the film: ''Olympic ke liye team, Ya Oscar ke liye film, India losers hi bhejte hain.'' 

Don't be surprised if this one too is nominated for the Oscars!

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IndiaGlitz 4/5

The entertaining content plus the added star value of Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Farah Khan entertainer with SRK having hit music and positive word of mouth will attract more and more legs to the theatre.

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Sify.com 3/5

Most will be there to take in the star-studded cast, the visual splendor and laugh on the silly jokes. And Farah Khan delivers on all three counts. Ignore the fundamentals, and watch it for the fun.

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Rediff.com 2.5/5

Happy New Year is a film that’s bound to make you feel good, but trust me, the feeling won’t last.

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IBNLive.com 2.5/5

For a film in which dance is so integral to its plot, I didn't think the musical set-pieces here stood out particularly. The focus isn't so much on the moves, as it is on the scale of the dance numbers. And that's a shame.

I'm going with two-and-a-half out of five for Happy New Year. If its indulgences were trimmed, this might have been a more enjoyable film.

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BharatStudent 3/5

The first half goes about with elements of humor, some romance and action as well. The interval bang was promising and the second half has a lot of dancing along with some amount of melodrama. Overall, this is a film which fits into the perfect masala potboiler and one should leave behind sensibilities and logic.

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BehindWoods.com 1.5/5

All said, HNY was always expected to be a predictable no-brainer and was just intended to entertain. But the entertainment factor is pretty low as there is nothing fresh on offer.

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Happy New Year

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